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With a nod and a wink to Edgar Allan Poe and Hitchcock [Sean Ellis] has created a slick, supernatural thriller set in a cold and disquietingly quiet contemporary London.




Directed by Oscar-nominated Sean Ellis (Metro Manila, Cashback) and starring Lena Headey (300, The Mortal Instruments)The Broken premiered at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival, screened at the Sitges International Festival, and was the first choice at Horrorfest 2009.


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This chilling moodpiece is both psychological thriller and ghost story, with each holding up a mirror to how the other half lives.



The Broken: the synopsis

Set in ‘any-city’ USA, Broken is a dark thriller anchored around a beautiful professional working woman named Gina.  Gina’s professional career is within the scientific community.  Her family life is supportive and loving, but dealing with the loss of her mother a year ago has put some strain on her relationships with her father, John; her brother, Daniel, and her boyfriend, Steve.

After flying back from an assignment in Geneva, Gina is crossing the street when she thinks she sees herself driving past in her own car.  Gina follows the car, which leads to an apartment block where Gina follows the woman to an apartment.  There, she discovers a photo of her father with the woman who looks like her double.  Shocked, Gina leaves in a hurry and is so wrapped up in what just happened that she runs a red light and collides with another car.

When Gina is brought home from the hospital by Steve, she tells of the strange incident before the crash.  But the complexity of what she thought had happened is almost too much for her to bear.  

Meanwhile, Gina’s brother, Daniel, starts to act very out of character.  Things go from bad to worse as Gina slowly starts to unravel a dark secret which not only threatens her life, but everything she has believed to be true.

Gina becomes a hunted animal as the walls of her reality start to crack.  Her fight for survival leads her back to the beginning and to the apartment where she followed her double.  Awaiting there is the answer to her pain -- there, too, is the truth that will finally cause the boundaries of her reality to come crashing down, as the fight for her life becomes the fight for the survival of the human race.