Films in Development


Ian McKellen: Playing the Part

Directed by Joe Stephenson (Chicken), Ian McKellen: Playing the Part is a feature documentary that looks at the life and works of Sir Ian McKellen, touching upon homosexuality in Britain and the Theatre. 

The recipient of six Laurence Olivia Awards, a Tony Award, a Golden Globe Award, two Academy Award nominations, four BAFTA nominations and five Emmy Award nominations, Sir Ian McKellen is one of the finest English actors of the stage and screen. 

Produced with both B Good Picture Company and Surreal Film Company, the documentary offers a rare and unique insight into an extraordinary man, actor and LGBTQ rights activist. 

Paper Babylon

Josh and Sophie have been best friends since boarding school. Both suffering from their own suicidal desires, they've always been united by their strong friendship and love for one another. Upon arriving in London, Josh quickly falls in love with the magnetic, alluring and older Shaun, a Vauxhall club promoter, who introduces him to the hedonistic underbelly of London's Soho gay scene. But when Josh succumbs to the perils of chemsex and falls victim to drug addiction, Josh and Sophie's friendship is put to the test and ultimately, Josh's life at risk.

A story about love and friendship, obsession and self-acceptance, based on the true experiences of Henry Eagleton, Paper Babylon is ultimately about the continual struggle to find love in a loveless world.

The script has been written by Greer Ellison (Butterfly Kisses) and Henry Eagleton, and is being co-produced with Blue Shadows Films (Butterfly Kisses). Des Hamilton (Nymphomaniac, Only God Forgives) is casting.

7 Island City

Tom Ward is now a private detective after growing increasingly disillusioned with the British police force and people in general. But when his sister’s boyfriend leaves a cryptic voicemail claiming Tom’s beautiful and smart sister Megan has suddenly gone missing on their holiday, Tom drops everything to go and find her. Through personal reasons connected to his past that will be unearthed later, Tom decides to do things his own way in Mumbai City. He begins questioning locals, yet very quickly senses that he’s being watched. In an attempt to escape suspicious eyes, Tom tries to lose himself in Mumbai City’s dark underbelly. Only this attempt goes disastrously wrong, and Tom finds himself being framed for murder and suddenly on the run with ASAF, a naive and fresh-faced Indian police officer.

The unlikely pairing embark on a dangerous road trip around India, with Tom desperate to find out what has happened to Megan. As Tom and Asaf’s lives are constantly threatened by an array of characters, Tom’s certainty about his understanding of his sister becomes less sure. As dark truths about their family history are revealed, Tom is forced to confront his own responsibility for who she has become.

Written by James Higginson (Early Man), 7 Island City is a fast-paced, dark thriller that explores what makes us human, what binds families together, and how we discover and assert our identities in this ever-changing, mercurial landscape.



She’s feisty, she growls, she’s from 20,000 BC... 

Cavegirl is growing up fast in a prehistoric era, where the survival of the fittest is as important as the latest fashion in leopard skin couture. Adapted from the CBBC TV series, Cavegirl is an epic adventure that takes our notion of trials and tribulations into a completely different era. The film is being produced with Movie Part Media's Andy Bell and has been developed with the support of the BFI's Film Fund and the UK Film Council.


Hitman's Guide to Housecleaning

Adapted from the international bestseller by Hallgrimur Helgason by James Higginson and Robert Yula, Hitman's Guide to Housecleaning follows a hitman for the Croatian mafia in New York City, as he is forced to flee the States and accidentally ends up in Iceland disguised as a Southern televangelist. A satirical yet poignant exploration into the good and bad in all of us, the film is produced with Denmark's Miso Films (1864, Those Who Kill). Christoffer Boe (Reconstruction, Sex, Drugs and Taxation) will direct.


Dark Before Dawn

It's the summer of 1945, and young mobster TOMMY STRAND, on his return home from the war, sees a golden opportunity to flood a now lawless London with the guns from war-torn Europe and seize control of organised crime in the capital. As Election Day approaches, another war rages: the battle to save London has begun. Written by Blaise Douglas, the film will be directed by Simon Aboud (The Beautiful Fantastic, Comes a Bright Day) and is produced with Amber Entertainment (Romeo and Juliet, Molly Moon). 

One Kiss

In the smallest big city in the world, a striving advertising creative has only one kiss left to find out what is more important to him: status or true love. Written by international best-selling author Hallgrimur Helgason (101 Reykjavik), the film will be directed by Reynir Lyngdal (Frost, The Lava Field) and produced with Pegasus Pictures (Fortitude, Game of Thrones).