Ugly Duckling Films actively acquires and develops intellectual property. Below is just a sample of projects on our current slate.

We Are Your Children

Inspired by true events, We Are Your Children follows a female cop, gay rights activist and drag queen unite to stop a series of targeted homosexual killings in 1970s San Francisco. 

The series is written and created by BAFTA Rocliffe winner Ryan Brown, and is a 2018 UK TV Brit List nominee. It is being actively packaged by WME, with development funds provided via Ingenious Media.

Sea of Teeth

Award-winning artist and filmmaker Muzi Quawson (Doll Parts) returns to her exploration into cinematic art forms with an experimental piece titled Sea of Teeth, starring folk musician Devendra Banhart and Rodrigo Amarante — a captured moment of both stillness and anguish, love and death, the present and the past.

Time After Time

Lucien Whittaker is a TV historian on a mission: to breathe life into world history and energise some of the greatest real-life stories of all time for millions of viewers. Well, that’s what the press release for his new series says, anyway. The truth is far simpler: Lucien’s public profile is fading, and he will do anything not to become history himself.

Time After Time is an original mockumentary TV series written by Jonathan Harvey (Lobbyland, Have I Got News For You), Christopher Davies (Revolting, The Revolution Will Be Televised) and Alistair Griggs (Revolting, The Revolution Will Be Televised).

The Bike Thief

Set in multicultural modern day north London, The Bike Thief follows an immigrant pizza deliverer, who works long hours to keep a roof over his wife and kids’ heads. When his bike is stolen, however, the man finds himself isolated and forced to rethink his moral compass in order to keep his family safe. Taking place over just a few days, The Bike Thief is a fast-paced thriller that also explores what it means to be human amidst the concept of anonymity.

The screenplay is written by Matt Chambers and will be his debut feature. The film is being produced with Peregrine Kitchener-Fellowes.

One Kiss

It’s summer in 2007 and Iceland is riding high on the economic boom. Like the balmy Icelandic summer nights, the parties are wild and endless; money is flowing like the Trevi fountain and it’s THE time to live in the smallest biggest city in the world that is Reykjavik.

It’s almost 2008 and although Iceland doesn’t know it yet, Europe is on the brink of a financial crash. Immersed in this world is Ari, a frustrated advertising creative looking for love. But after a random encounter with a psychic, he’s told that he only has one kiss left in this superficial world if he’s to really find true love -- will it be too late?

Written by Hallgrimur Helgasson (Reykjavik 101), One Kiss is a coproduction with Pegasus Pictures and Reynir Lyngdal (The Lava Fields) attached to direct.




Pomegranate is the Answer

A feature adaptation of the remarkable life of James Brett, who turned a struggle with mental health and sexual abuse into a journey of incredible strength and innovation. Founder of the charity, Plant for Peace, an initiative designed to assist rural communities and farmers in conflict, to this date James has helped farmers in Afghanistan plant over 150,000 pomegranate trees and 1.9 million tree cuttings, steering them away from cultivating poppies, and is discussing with the country’s government the possibility of making Plant for Peace a national strategy.

Pomegranate is the Answer is a story of how one man inspired change — both in himself and those around him.

Hitman's Guide to Housecleaning

Adapted from the international bestseller by Hallgrimur Helgason Hitman's Guide to Housecleaning follows a hitman for the Croatian mafia in New York City, as he is forced to flee the States and accidentally ends up in Iceland disguised as a Southern televangelist. A satirical yet poignant exploration into the good and bad in all of us, the film is produced with Denmark's Miso Films.

The screenplay is written by James Higginson and Robert Yula.